Care Some Sustainability Coaching

Your Green Journey

Climate change is real and is a massive challenge requiring massive solutions. Fortunately, you hold so much potential to make a positive impact.

Join us on a journey to a more environmentally sustainable life, which is often more fun, healthier, less expensive, and better all around! You want to leave a smaller footprint on our planet. We can help. Explore our services to find the coaching experience just right for your environmental sustainability goals.

Who We Are

Care Some is a team of personal environmental sustainability coaches. As people passionate about sustainability, and also, as people, we understand that it can be challenging to do the next right thing for our planet when many other factors guide us toward unsustainable choices.

We believe that when it comes to sustainability, someone can care a little, care a lot, or anything in between – but we all must care some to do our part for our environment.

Sustainability Coaching Services

Which of our coaching services is just right for your environmental sustainability goals?

Special Sustainable Project

Ready to tackle a specific sustainability goal and need some support? We can help you make it happen.

Sustainable Life Coaching

Ready to live greener? We will work with you to identify opportunities to live more sustainably.


Have sustainability questions? Don’t have time or know-how to research? We can help you find answers.

What People Say

I switched my family from plastic toothbrushes to ones made from bamboo during our first session! Quick, easy, and totally affordable.

Lee, working single-mom

Guiding Principles

We work with the following in mind…

Open Mindedness: We are all here to do better. We are not here to judge you. That is not helpful. We celebrate your intention to be better in areas of your life that you’re open to adjusting.

Promote local, woman, minority-owned, small businesses: When we recommend eco-swaps, when feasible, we will encourage options that support members of communities that are often disproportionately impacted by the negative consequences of climate change. 

Support community needs: Because creating a minimalist lifestyle often requires getting rid of things we don’t need anymore, we encourage partnership with organizations such as women/LGBTQ shelters, refugee resettlement organizations, and local foster care systems.

Financial accessibility: Cost can be a barrier for making more sustainable choices, but it doesn’t need to be. Rates for our sustainability coaching services range to accommodate your personal financial situation and have the potential for long-term cost savings.

Environmental action: While individual actions add up significantly, we know that systems need changing too. To help accomplish this, we share a portion of our revenue with environmental advocacy and climate solution organizations.